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How Much Are Site Costs?

builder on a home building site

How much are site costs and what do I need to know about them?

Found the home of your dreams with Montgomery Homes? 

The next step is for our team to complete a site inspection and find out if your chosen design will suit your block of land. Construction isn’t always a straightforward process, and site costs are a fundamental part of preparing your new home for construction.

If you’re looking for a site costs estimate, or simply want to know more about site costs in general, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we explore site costs for sloping blocks, level blocks, and more, so you feel more confident walking into a meeting with our home building specialists. 

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What are site costs?

Site costs refer to the work required to prepare your block for your new home build. When you build with Montgomery Homes, site costs refer to: 

  • Excavation
  • Piering
  • Rock excavation 
  • Bearers and joists (if required)
  • Security fencing and scaffolding 
  • Crane hire 
  • Soil classification 
  • Connection of services like power, water, and sewerage
  • Anything else not considered “standard” to the site like Arborist reports and bushfire ratings 

However, there’s no reason to fear site costs with Montgomery Homes. 

Once you’ve enquired and we’ve completed your free site inspection, you will receive a comprehensive estimate the moment you meet with your Montgomery Homes’ building specialist. If you’re happy to go ahead with your new home build and place a deposit, we will order a contour survey along with a geotechnical report to analyse the soil to confirm site costs and include or adjust this in your final tender.

We enlist the help of one of our supervisors to confirm if there are any further site costs required, like crane hire, traffic control, and material handling. 

To make the home building process stress-free, we’re as upfront as possible with site costs based on the information provided and the specialists we enlist.

How much are site costs for a level site?

Bondi 285 Display Home at Redbank, North Richmond

Level blocks often have lower site costs. This is due to the fact level blocks require less excavation and work to prepare the block for your new home build.

The first step is to determine the site's condition. To do this, the Montgomery Homes construction team will evaluate the soil type, identify if there is any underlying rock, whether piering is required etc. From there they will provide a site cost estimate based on the evaluation of the site and the home design you are looking to build.  

Generally speaking, site costs for a level site start from $28,000 for a single-storey design, and $35,000 for a double-storey home.

It’s important to note that site costs will vary from block to block and specific site requirements, such as rock removal, will be confirmed after a contour and geotechnical survey are complete. 

How much are site costs for a sloping block?

San Remo 273 at Billy's Lookout, Teralba.

Sloping blocks can be a little more complicated to build on, which means site costs for sloping blocks are generally higher. We need to ensure your home design works perfectly with the slope of the land. 

Compared to level site costs, additional site costs need to be factored in to allow for additional excavation, piering, and more. As a guideline, downhill or sideways sloping blocks start from $45,000 in site costs. Uphill blocks, however, generally start from $60,000.

Again, it’s important to note that these are starting costs and they may vary based on the results of your site evaluation. Our team will compile the findings, and determine the site costs associated for your block of land.

How much are site costs for a narrow block?

Cayman 287 display home at HomeWorld Box Hill

Narrow site costs are similar to level and sloping site costs. However, there are some key differences to the process of preparing the narrow site for your new home build:

  • Overhead cranes to transport material from the front to the back of the house
  • Any additional on-site management or supervision due to tight access, limited storage space, or excessive rise/fall over the site
  • Specialised equipment hire like hoists
  • Split deliveries for special placement of materials where there is limited space on site
  • Double handling of materials
  • Additional shade cloth on both sides of the scaffolding to protect your neighbours, based on the proximity to neighbouring blocks.

All of these items are in strict compliance with Work, Health, and Safety regulations.

Get a site costs estimate from Montgomery Homes!

Ready to get your home building project underway? Get in touch with Montgomery Homes today for a free site inspection and site costs estimate today! We have home building experts available to visit your site and determine whether your chosen home design is suited to your block.

From here, we can provide an estimate of your site costs, so you can feel more confident about your new home build. Get in touch for a site inspection in Sydney, Newcastle, or the Central Coast!

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