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Discover why building with Montgomery Homes is a process you will love so you can Feel at Home sooner.

The Montgomery Homes difference

Quality homes

We build each home as if it was our own. As a Montgomery Homes client, you can rest  easy knowing that your dream home will be quality from the inside out.

Superior inclusions

We confidently invite you to compare our inclusions to other new home builders and discover the quality inclusions we offer as standard is what other builders sell as upgrades.

Designs for any site

If your block is narrow, slopes downward, upward, sideways, or is uniquely shaped, our specialist building techniques and 200+ home designs allow us to work with almost every block.

Award-winning homes

We are incredibly proud to have collected myriad awards throughout our 30 years that recognise our award-winning home designs along with our talented and hardworking employees.

Independent quality assurance checks

Enjoy peace of mind when you build with Montgomery Homes with our thorough third-party Quality Assurance (QA) checks undertaken at critical stages throughout the build - including your 13 week maintenance stage - to ensure every new home we build is of the highest standard.

Exceptional customer service

Our advanced systems provide fast and efficient service to progress your new home to construction as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on a personalised and enjoyable experience throughout your entire home building journey.

Efficient build time, move in sooner

We commit to a dedicated build time-frame so you can move into your new home as soon as possible. Our new home builders take pride in completing homes before the end of the contract period.


For more than thirty years, Montgomery Homes has operated as a new home builder with a strong balance sheet and zero debt — you're in safe hands with Montgomery Homes. We have the financial stability to remain committed to building new homes now and in to the future.

Don't just take our word for it

Montgomery Homes is committed to building excellence from start to finish. Our staff will create a personalised home for you of the highest quality, from the initial site appraisal to a detailed tender, design and throughout construction, rest assured we provide full building details for a sloping site so there are no surprises.


The Montgomery Homes

Take a closer look at why building with Montgomery Homes is a great choice.

Montgomery Homes has been building architectural homes for more than 30 years, so we know that the small things make a big difference.

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Your Building FAQs answered

Everything you wanted to know about building answered here

How long does it take to build a house?

The time frame will depend greatly on the size and type of house you’re building as well as the local council approval process which can vary between locations. However, your home will take approximately 26 to 38 weeks to build from when excavation commences on your site.

Do you build homes in flood zones?

Yes, Montgomery Homes have extensive experience with building in flood affected areas. Many of our designs can be modified to be suitable for flood prone areas.

We will take into account the building materials, foundation, and flood clearance level to mitigate any damage to the house in the unfortunate event of a flood. Read more about building in a flood zone in our short blog

Do you build in bush fire prone areas?

Yes, Montgomery Homes can build from BAL 12.5 (low risk areas) through to flame zones. 

If you’ve been dreaming of beautiful leafy surrounds, you may be aware that this area could be classified as a bushfire zone. If that’s the case, there are a few things you will need to consider, for example, the slope of the land and the materials used to build your home. 

We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to construct your home to the correct standard for to meet the complying requirements for your build zone.

Read more about building a home in a flame zone.

Do you use sub-contractors?

Yes, we have a long-term relationships with our network of reliable sub-contractors. They are understand our designs and specialist building techniques to deliver the same high-quality construction on every home.

Do you have an interior design to help with colour schemes?

Yes! Our experienced interior designer will guide you through your colour selection appointment during the design process. The decisions you make on colours, materials, and components for your new home will be made with confidence in a relaxed and well-resourced design space.

Plus, you can start styling the exterior of your home from the comfort of your own home using our Online Visualiser! Choose from 11 popular Montgomery Homes' facades and get creative by mixing and matching colours, materials, and much more.

Can we amend one of your floorplans?

Whether you’re looking for a singletwo-storey, or split level home, we can offer flexible home designs and construction for almost any site. While some builders limit you to certain designs and parameters, we offer the flexibility to amend our plans to ensure your home is the one you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you have a list of standard inclusions?

Yes, you can download our standard inclusions brochure here to discover the true potential for your new home. When you build with Montgomery Homes, you will receive essential items like flyscreens, sarking, and appliances as standard inclusions while most builders call these “extras”. Our inclusions deliver premium quality and practical essentials as standard.

How long does the pre-construction and approval process take?

Before choosing a home builder, it is important to understand what pre-construction processes they have in place to avoid any potential redesigns and re-lodgement fees, which could result in delays and more costs to you.

Some builders can take more than six months to submit plans to your local council, whereas Montgomery Homes have in-house drafting and planning teams that regularly monitor the progress of your submission in an effort to have your plans approved as soon as possible.

We find we are often the first builders to start construction in just about every new estate, which means you’ll be in your new home a lot quicker!

Can you build homes on difficult or steep blocks?

Yes! Montgomery Homes has a strong reputation for being the go-to builder for sloping blocks and difficult sites.

When approaching a sloping site, our team of experts work with the natural gradient of the land to maximise potential views, breezes, and natural light. Explore the benefits of a split level home.

Do you have home designs for narrow blocks?

Of course! With block sizes on the decline, we have expanded our range of home designs to suit narrow blocks. We have home designs ranging from 5.7 metres all the way to 29.27 metres. 

Explore our range of narrow home designs.

What is double-glazing?

Double glazed windows have two sheets of glass which are separated by a small gap. Double glazed windows can be used to improve energy efficiency as the double glazing will make your home more comfortable in both the warmer and cooler months while also reducing your energy costs. 

Double glazed windows can also reduce outdoor noise.

Why can’t construction of my new home begin as soon as my contract is signed?

Once your contract has been signed, we require a number of additional documents before construction can start. This includes proof of funds from your financial institute, the clearance certificate for demolition (if applicable), and a construction certificate from a private certifier.

Once we have the documents listed above, your home design can be sent to construction. 

From here, it will take approximately three weeks to cut the site. In that time, we will assign your site supervisor, book trades, order materials, complete a set-out survey, complete a PCA (Principal Certifying Authority) inspection, and finally, a temporary toilet and fencing will be erected on-site.

What are waffle pod slabs?

Waffle pod slabs are rectangular pieces of foam spaced out in a grid pattern with 100mm between each pod, forming a waffle.  Reinforcement is placed between the pods by laying mesh over the top. Concrete is then poured, forming a waffle pod to provide incredible strength and durability to your concrete slab.

What is a dropped edge beam?

External dropped edge beams form part of the main slab and runs down adjacently to retain fill under the slab. This also reduces the need for expensive landscaping and large retaining walls by the owner after handover. Read more about dropped edge beams.

What happens at the site excavation stage?

Site excavation is required to create the foundation for your new home. This process can include cut and fill, battered banks, and soil importation or soil removal from the site. Excavation must strictly comply with the approved plans and levels. 

The process must also be meticulous when cutting or filling next to adjacent properties.

Site excavation for a split level slab can be a complex and very time consuming process. Excavation needs to be accurate in setting out exact dimensions of length, width and height of differing foundation levels.

What are footings?

Footings are trenches in the ground with cages of reinforcement which are filled with concrete, creating a beam that supports your brickwork floor and roof loads.

What is a bulkhead?

A bulkhead is a section of the ceiling which has been dropped and used to enclose services like wiring and pipes, or to conceal the space above your kitchen cupboards. 

Kitchen bulkheads can also serve as a decorative feature.

What is screw piering?

Screw piers are an alternative to using traditional concrete board piers. The piers are long steel tubes with a screw head at one end which is screwed into the ground until they meet a certain bearing capacity.

What is cut and fill?

When cutting into a slope or hillside, a cut is made into the soil and used to fill out a flatter area to prepare for the foundation of your home to be laid – the concrete slab.

What is BASIX?

BASIX stands for the Building Sustainability Index. It is the NSW Government planning centre where each new home is measured against specific energy and water targets. 

The objective of BASIX is to reduce household electricity and water, but BASIX also takes into account a number of other elements like the size of the house, the location, the orientation, the placement of windows, design features, fixtures, insulation, and hot water systems.

What are site costs?

Site costs are associated with what’s needed to get your block ready for building. These costs can vary depending on your block’s location, the soil type, accessibility, council regulations, and more. 

After we have completed our free on-site assessment, site costs will be itemised in your Montgomery Homes tender. We will include costs like earthworks, site preparation, any bushfire levies, and the engineering requirements.

Do you build on bearers and joists?

Yes, we provide full split configurations which are best suited for a block with a steep slope. In this scenario, we will use our specialist bearers and joist construction technique to accommodate the slope of the land.

Still have questions?

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“We found Montgomery very flexible with creating our design and very helpful, we have already recommended Montgomery to our friends & family.”

Holmes, February 2019


“A great looking first home and a great team to work with!”

Grace, July 2020, Box Hill


“Very professional, made building a home easy and trouble free. Very much appreciated”

Ridley, July 2020, The Entrance North


“We are really impressed by the process / system you have in place to keep your clients up to speed with what to expect and what the progressive steps are during the entire process. i.e. from initial signing through to handover and everything required during. We have built before with other builders and genuinely feel that this process and the people we’ve dealt with made building with Montgomery Homes a step well above what we have experienced before.”

Venn, July 2020, Eleebana


“Would recommend Montgomery Homes. Communication with supervisor was excellent. Build went well considering this is our first build.”

Lewis, June 2020, Medowie


“The friendly patient staff are courteous and always willing to go the extra mile & to answer questions. We made many changes to the basic design and appreciated the flexibility afforded.”

Inglis-Powell, March 2019


“We have been telling all of our family friends and work colleagues how brilliant it has been building with Montgomery thank you so much for making this experience so enjoyable”

Nolan, February 2019


“Easy, friendly, stress-free, professional team! Kyle has exceptional organisational skills!! Would definitely build with Montgomery again ☺”

Sexton, June 2020, Raworth


“You get a high standard of finish, which is in line with their time estates of a build.”

Blakely, June 2020, Catherine Hill Bay


“Go with Montgomery Homes! Our experience has been made so easy and pleasurable with all the friendly, professional and expert advice along the way. Thank you!”

Ukmar, May 2020, Summerland Point


“Well worth considering to get a Montgomery Home – excellent selections, service and quality!’’

Cauchi, North Rothbury, May 2020


“Couldn’t fault the process – very open and honest about pricing etc. High quality and easy to deal with. Thank you ☺”

Shrume & Carroll, May 2020, Minmi


“An amazing experience and the finished product was outstanding, you will not be disappointed. Top quality build and the supervisor made our experience memorable and enjoyable”

Plank, April 2020, Maitlandvale


“Montgomery Homes have a high standard of customer service. We had an amazing experience building with Montgomery Homes.”

Shrestha, December 2019, Cameron Park

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