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Do you love where you live but don't love your house?

If your current home no longer suits your lifestyle or it’s starting to look a little dated, you might be considering whether to renovate your house or knock down and rebuild your dream home.

Undergoing a major renovation not only induces additional stress and pressure, but can also be a costly exercise with many variables and unknown factors. On average, a major renovation can cost more than double per square metre and can often turn into a much bigger job than expected.

We'll visit your current house for a free
site inspection

Once you've made the decision to knock down your current home, Montgomery Homes will help take the stress out of the entire building process. Starting with a free design consultation and a free site inspection at your current location. Your complimentary site inspection involves an extensive assessment of your site to determine the following:

  • The most suitable designs for your block
  • The fall across your block
  • Location of trees
  • Neighbouring properties
  • Site accessibility
  • Any additional preparation that may be required.

Montgomery Homes are experts at knockdown rebuilds on all types of sites including sloping sites, narrow, acreage and level blocks and with more than 200 home designs to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice when you choose to knock down and rebuild with Montgomery Homes.


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Knock down rebuild in Newcastle


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The Knock Down Rebuild benefits

There are many benefits to a knock down rebuild, but you might be wondering how this option compares to moving house or even undergoing a major renovation. Here are just some of the many reasons why a knock down rebuild in Sydney, Newcastle or Central Coast could be for you:

  • Stay in your current location where you and your family have created many memories
  • No need to worry about new neighbours - you can keep your current ones!
  • Keep your kids at the same school with their friends
  • Save money per square metre compared to a renovation
  • No real estate or stamp duty fees
  • Go green and create a more eco-friendly home by maximising solar and insulation
  • Increase the value of your asset and your land

Learn more about the knock down rebuild process and
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Once you have made the decision to knock down your current house, Montgomery Homes will be there to guide you through the entire process step-by-step, to reduce the risk of the rebuild becoming a stress. Here is a summary of the knockdown rebuild process:

Our construction team will visit your existing property to conduct a free site inspection.


Next you can start organising quotes for demolition of your current house.


Once your DA is approved, you can then schedule the demolition.


Demolition can take up to four weeks to complete. In this time, we will obtain the construction certificate for your new home and prepare the final documents.


Select your internal and external colours and finishes with our Interior Designer.


Approve tender and sign contracts.


Construction commences.


Move in!

Your Knock Down Rebuild FAQs Answered

We understand home building can be a complex and confusing journey. That’s why we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you along the way

What are the pros and cons of a knock down rebuild vs a renovation?

Most Australian homeowners strive to increase the value of their largest asset and gain more equity in their home.

In recent years, land prices have increased considerably and made it more attractive to stay put and enhance your home in your existing location rather than find another home or new block of land.

If your home is aging and you are looking to increase its value, there are two options: you can either undertake an extensive renovation or knock down and rebuild on your existing site.

If you’re considering making structural changes to an existing property, costs can vary considerably. A major renovation can end up costing more than double per square metre when compared to a knock down rebuild. Renovations run the risk of over-capitalising and going over your budget.

If you choose a knock down and rebuild project with Montgomery Homes, on the other hand, you will be given a detailed and transparent price at the very beginning to avoid unpleasant costs and surprises along the way. This means you can spend less time wondering how much everything is going to cost and more time daydreaming about the fun stuff like colours and home decor.

Some people get frustrated searching for a home in a good neighbourhood. It can be stressful trying to find a home for the right price and sometimes it makes more sense to keep your current neighbours and rebuild on your site. Consider the resale value and what’s going to get you more bang for your buck.

Who will demolish my house?

Demolition needs to be arranged by the owner and this process can take up to four weeks to complete.

While demolition takes place, Montgomery Homes will obtain the construction certificate for your new home and prepare the final documents for your new home build.

Make sure to find a licensed and insured demolition contractor to facilitate the demolition of your current house and to remove all the relevant materials, debris, trees, and roots.

If required, we can suggest demolition companies in Newcastle, Hunter, Central Coast, and Sydney regions.

Do I need to talk to a builder before I start demolition?

There’s a lot involved in preparing the site for a new home build. Therefore, it’s important to consult a new home builder before demolition commences. Once you have researched and engaged a demolition company to knock down your house, there are several items required to get the site ready, such as the removal of building materials, trees and roots, existing pools, and capping off the sewer.

For more information, ask us about our knock down rebuilt fact sheet.

What are the knock down rebuild costs?

On average, a major renovation is more than double the cost of a knock down rebuild per square metre.

The cost to have your house demolished can differ depending on the size of the house, volume of material, if asbestos needs to be removed, and if there are any established trees or pools on the property.

On average, the cost to demolish your house can range between $20,000 - $30,000.

The knock down rebuild cost for your new home will vary depending on the type of home you build, the size of your home, whether it’s a split level home, and any additional upgrades you choose. At Montgomery Homes, we provide a free tender quote so you will know all knock down rebuild costs upfront before making a decision or placing a deposit.

Clients who have completed a knock down and rebuild with Montgomery Homes have said it was the best decision they have made financially. Ask us about putting you in touch with recent knock down rebuild clients to  hear their experience first-hand.

How long does it take to Knock Down and Rebuild?

The knock down rebuild process can take anywhere from 26 weeks to 41 weeks from the time we first cut the site. This will depend greatly on the type of house you’re building and the size of the home. The pre-construction phase can take approximately 5-8 months and can differ depending on demolition and building approval times.

What is the Knock Down Rebuild process?

Montgomery Homes will be there to guide you through the entire process, taking the stress out of the project.

Here is a summary of the knock down and rebuild process:

  • Our construction team will visit your existing property to conduct a free site inspection.
  • Advise Montgomery Homes if you are lodging a separate DA for the demolition or if you would like to include it with our DA (a separate DA will quicken the process).
  • Start organising quotes for demolition of your current home.
  • Once your DA is approved, schedule the demolition.
  • Demolition can take up to four weeks to complete. In this time, we will obtain the construction certificate for your new home and prepare the final documents.
  • Select your internal and external colours and finishes with our interior design consultant.
  • Approve tender and sign contracts.
  • Commence construction.
  • Move in!
Can I make changes to your floorplans?

While some builders limit you to certain home designs and parameters, we provide you the freedom to build the kind of house that dreams are made of — providing a broad range of customisable, architectural home designs to suit your block no matter its size, angle, or location.

Knock down rebuild customer stories

terry and katrina

Growing and Expanding with Montgomery Homes:

After building their first Montgomery Home 25 years ago, Terry and Katrina only ever dreamed of building again. But as the years went on, the couple knew they needed more space to accommodate their growing family. Learn more about their journey of finding a house to knock down and rebuild.

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Holmes, February 2019


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Grace, July 2020, Box Hill


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Ridley, July 2020, The Entrance North


“We are really impressed by the process / system you have in place to keep your clients up to speed with what to expect and what the progressive steps are during the entire process. i.e. from initial signing through to handover and everything required during. We have built before with other builders and genuinely feel that this process and the people we’ve dealt with made building with Montgomery Homes a step well above what we have experienced before.”

Venn, July 2020, Eleebana


“Would recommend Montgomery Homes. Communication with supervisor was excellent. Build went well considering this is our first build.”

Lewis, June 2020, Medowie


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Inglis-Powell, March 2019


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Nolan, February 2019


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Sexton, June 2020, Raworth


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Blakely, June 2020, Catherine Hill Bay


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Ukmar, May 2020, Summerland Point


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Cauchi, North Rothbury, May 2020


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Shrume & Carroll, May 2020, Minmi


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Plank, April 2020, Maitlandvale


“Montgomery Homes have a high standard of customer service. We had an amazing experience building with Montgomery Homes.”

Shrestha, December 2019, Cameron Park

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