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Knock Down Rebuild Homes

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Do you love where you live but don't love your house?

Montgomery Homes are experts at knockdown rebuilds on all types of sites including sloping, narrow and level blocks. Once you've made the decision to knock down your current home, Montgomery Homes will take the stress out of the entire building process. Starting with a free site appraisal at your current location. 

There are many benefits of a knock down rebuild:

  • Stay in your current location where you and your family have created many memories
  • No need to worry about new neighbours - you can keep your current ones! 
  • Keep your kids at the same school with their friends
  • Save money per square metre compared to a renovation
  • No real estate or stamp duty fees
  • Go green and create a more eco friendly home by maximising solar and insulation
  • Increase the value of your asset and your land  

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Recent knock down rebuilds by Montgomery Homes


Knock down rebuild in Upper North Shore, Sydney

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Knock down rebuild in Southern Sydney

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Knock down rebuild FAQ


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How much does it cost to knock down and rebuild?

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