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4 Powder Room Designs For Your Home

4 powder room designs to add some "wow" factor to your home

If you’re a homeowner that loves to entertain, the humble powder room will be a “must-have” in your new home build. Otherwise known as a “half-bath” or “guest bath”, powder rooms have two of the four main components of a full-sized bathroom (i.e. a toilet and a sink) and are usually located on the bottom floor of the house — ideal for guests and family members who don’t want to climb the stairs to use the upstairs bathroom. 

Simple and practical, powder rooms are all about convenience… but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! In our display homes, for example, we’ve created chic powder room designs with unique tiling patterns to draw the eye and turn your powder room into a private haven. 

We tend to favour six particular tiling patterns in our designs:


Below, we’ve shared some of our favourite powder room designs and tiling patterns to inspire your new home build — read on for stunning powder room ideas!

Powder room design #1: Riviera 1 267 at Redbank

Our Riviera 1 267 display home at Redbank features a Hamptons theme that’s positively bursting with deep blues, stunning whites and shades of light blue and grey. We knew the powder room had to incorporate these colours to maintain consistency throughout the home but with limited space, we had to get a little creative with our powder room ideas!

We opted for a floor to ceiling feature wall with diagonal herringbone tiling. With a mix of matte and high gloss tiles in deep blue, the feature wall draws the eye and creates the illusion of more space than is actually there. 

Matched with a white basin, white walls and rose gold fixtures, this powder room design is fresh, simple and chic — just what you need from the humble powder room.

Powder room design #2: Byron 250 in Edgeworth

Our Byron 250 display home in Edgeworth has a moodier tone than the Riviera 1 267. Inspired by Shaynna Blaze’s “Palm Springs” design, the Byron 250 features clean lines, mid-century modern vibes and bold black furnishing, tiles and cabinetry, a style that flows through into the powder room. 

This particular powder room has more space than average so we were able to use simple black subway tiles in horizontal stack bond patterning. With the contrast of white grout, these tiles make the room seem larger and taller while adding an edgy, contemporary atmosphere to the space. 

Plus, this powder room styling blends in seamlessly with the rest of the Byron’s interior design. You’ll find this subtle tiling all throughout the home!

Powder room design #3: Avalon 2 220 in Huntlee 2.0

The powder room in our Avalon 2 220 display home in Huntlee allows the floor to ceiling tiling to be the star of the show. The brick bond tiling pattern is an absolute classic and the dark grout between the white tiles adds an effortless New York studio vibe to the space. 

To complement the feature walls, we opted for a large rectangular mirror and matching square hand washing basin. All of the clean cut lines together look simple and chic without being “too much”. 

For a splash of colour, consider adding some character to the space with powder room decor ideas like brightly coloured towels, soap dispensers and other accessories. Think back to other coloured linen and accessories you have on display in the rest of your home — what’s missing in the powder room?

Powder room design #4: Cayman 287 in New Lambton

In our Cayman 287 display home, we opted for something a little different in the powder room. Rather than a classic geometric tiling pattern, we chose to add a popsicle tile feature wall with softer curves and thinner tiles. Alongside the curved mirror, soft timber cabinetry and matte white basin, the popsicle tiles add a softer look to an otherwise dark and moody space. 

To break up the otherwise monochrome colour scheme of the powder room, we placed a lush green plant on the basin. Plant life is an effortless way to add life and freshness to any space!

Discover the possibilities for your new home and matching powder room designs

At Montgomery Homes, we’re passionate about building luxurious home designs from the inside out. Before the building process begins, we will invite you to our Selections Gallery where you will choose all the finer details of your new home from colours to textures and more!

Contact us to begin the building and design process, including the design of your brand new powder room

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