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Building on a sloping block doesn’t have to be a challenge

Newcastle is an infamously hilly area. From Adamstown to Merewether, Stockton and beyond, Newcastle can be characterised by its never-ending hills and slopes, all leading down into the Newcastle CBD. For aspiring homeowners in the area, a sloping block is almost to be expected which is why we utilise an engineered stepped slab technique to make the most of even the steepest of blocks. 

Over the last 30 years, we’ve gained a reputation as the sloping site specialists in Newcastle. Using innovative building techniques and architectural home designs that follow the natural gradient of the land, our sloping block builders in Newcastle are guaranteed to deliver a house you will love to call home.

Don’t compromise on “the dream” to accommodate a slope. Browse through our collection of split level home designs and contact us to book a free site inspection today!

Maximise the value of your home with our sloping block builders in Newcastle

To some, building on a sloping block might seem like a challenge. To us, we look at it as an opportunity to increase the value of your home from day one. Split level homes are some of the most beautiful and eye-catching designs on the market — following the natural slope of the land, a seemingly single storey home can have incredible dimension on the inside with multiple living areas on different levels and luxe staircases throughout. 

There are a huge range of benefits to building on a sloping block

  • More affordable land
  • Higher ceilings in the home and garage
  • Breathtaking views from your hilly block
  • A more unique, architectural looking design
  • Abundant natural light and airflow
  • Enhanced street appeal
  • Reduced steepness of your driveway
  • Reduced cut and fill
  • Fewer costs after handover like retaining walls and landscaping
  • A more functional backyard
  • Fewer site costs.

With our sloping block builders in Newcastle, you can increase the value of your home, or build a forever home where you can make precious memories for years to come.

Sloping Block Specialists
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What is a Stepped Slab?

At Montgomery Homes, we know the true value of a sloping block. There’s a common misconception that sloping blocks are more expensive than level blocks — however, this isn’t quite true. The block itself is often cheaper than a level site. Building on a sloping block becomes “expensive” when site costs like “cut and fill” excavation and retaining walls are factored into the total price. 

With our sloping block builders in Newcastle, building on a slope doesn’t have to be “expensive”. We use innovative building techniques to minimise the site costs required to begin with. 

The traditional “cut and fill” technique used by other builders requires excessive excavation, resulting in steeper driveways and the need for retaining walls post-handover. When building on a slight slope with Montgomery Homes, stairs (or a “stepped slab”) on a smaller scale allow us to work with the site and for the home design to follow the natural gradient of the land.  

This stepped slab approach results in higher ceilings, better drainage, natural light and ventilation — delivering a stunning, functional home with incredible views. 

Learn how it works below!

A) Stepped slab option on a sloping block:


 B) Single, level slab on a sloping block:


In diagram A, we have introduced a step into the slab to allow the house to follow the natural gradient of the block. In diagram B, a standard “cut and fill” approach has been taken — many non-sloping site builders offer this approach because it’s the cheaper way to build. Unfortunately, this method often results in additional costs after handover including:

  • The cost and maintenance of large retaining walls
  • A steep driveway
  • Increased piering
  • Drainage issues
  • An asset that is difficult to sell.

Take full advantage of your site with our sloping block builders in Newcastle

Montgomery Homes is the go-to builder for stunning split level home designs and complicated builds in Newcastle. We can build on blocks that slope uphill, downhill or to the side.

Streamline the home building process. Contact the team from Montgomery Homes for a free site inspection today — we will visit your block to complete an in-depth analysis so we can provide an accurate quote alongside architectural home design recommendations.

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Keith & Cheryl’s home building journey

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“A great looking first home and a great team to work with!”

Grace, July 2020, Box Hill


“Very professional, made building a home easy and trouble free. Very much appreciated”

Ridley, July 2020, The Entrance North


“We are really impressed by the process / system you have in place to keep your clients up to speed with what to expect and what the progressive steps are during the entire process. i.e. from initial signing through to handover and everything required during. We have built before with other builders and genuinely feel that this process and the people we’ve dealt with made building with Montgomery Homes a step well above what we have experienced before.”

Venn, July 2020, Eleebana


“We have been telling all of our family friends and work colleagues how brilliant it has been building with Montgomery thank you so much for making this experience so enjoyable”

Nolan, February 2019


"Happy from the very first stage to the very end, it has been a breeze... The quality of the build is perfect and a big thank to my Site Supervisor who always kept me up-to-date with the progress.
Overall, I'm extremely happy I chose Montgomery.
Thank you for everything, it is truly beautiful and we love it!"

Ingrid, 2022, Hunter Region


“Would recommend Montgomery Homes. Communication with supervisor was excellent. Build went well considering this is our first build.”

Lewis, June 2020, Medowie


“The friendly patient staff are courteous and always willing to go the extra mile & to answer questions. We made many changes to the basic design and appreciated the flexibility afforded.”

Inglis-Powell, March 2019


“We found Montgomery very flexible with creating our design and very helpful, we have already recommended Montgomery to our friends & family.”

Holmes, February 2019


“Easy, friendly, stress-free, professional team! Kyle has exceptional organisational skills!! Would definitely build with Montgomery again ☺”

Sexton, June 2020, Raworth


“You get a high standard of finish, which is in line with their time estates of a build.”

Blakely, June 2020, Catherine Hill Bay


“Go with Montgomery Homes! Our experience has been made so easy and pleasurable with all the friendly, professional and expert advice along the way. Thank you!”

Ukmar, May 2020, Summerland Point


"We are very happy with the service we received from Montgomery. Friendly and helpful staff with good attention to detail. It was our first build and we found it an enjoyable experience. They were very flexible when altering the basic designs of their range and we are thrilled with our new home."

Vicki, 2021


“Well worth considering to get a Montgomery Home – excellent selections, service and quality!’’

Cauchi, North Rothbury, May 2020


"Montgomery Homes were very professional and helpful throughout the whole sales and then build process. The digital client portal was a great way to have us see updates as the building was underway. They kept us informed throughout and had our house completed earlier than expected. The end result is an amazing looking house that is super comfortable to live in."

Belinda and Matthew, 2022


“Couldn’t fault the process – very open and honest about pricing etc. High quality and easy to deal with. Thank you ☺”

Shrume & Carroll, May 2020, Minmi


“An amazing experience and the finished product was outstanding, you will not be disappointed. Top quality build and the supervisor made our experience memorable and enjoyable”

Plank, April 2020, Maitlandvale


“Montgomery Homes have a high standard of customer service. We had an amazing experience building with Montgomery Homes.”

Shrestha, December 2019, Cameron Park


"The process was great. I was happy with the communication and updates.
My new home is amazing, highly recommend Montgomery Homes.
I can’t wait to start our new chapter in our forever home."

Gina C, 2023

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