If you think the world is flat… ignore this

If on the other hand, you're one of those mostly seasoned homebuyers who are looking at house designs for steep blocks, or are thinking about building a new split-level home, then reading these few words may be amongst the most valuable 90 seconds you'll spend this year.

The benefits of split-level homes are widely known, so why is it that when you look carefully at many homes built on sloping blocks, you'd be entitled to conclude that their builder thought the world was flat?

Too often, what you see is a slab house dug into a sloping block. Steep driveways, large expensive retaining walls and a less attractive street front are the big give-aways.

We don't like to be negative, but the truth is, the poor outlook, drainage issues, reduced light, poor ventilation and lack of privacy such homes experience are hard to escape once you have moved in.

What was a fairly quick exercise for the builder can become a lost opportunity for a family that lasts a life-time.

Montgomery Homes are the sloping site specialists.

We have built a reputation building quality homes on sloping blocks from the ground up for more than 20 years. Look carefully at any Montgomery Home and you'll begin to understand why they've won so many awards for their homes and their professional approach.

Designing to the slope, Montgomery Homes maximise the practical and aesthetic qualities of designs on any block, creating unique and beautiful homes with manageable driveways, abundant light, natural ventilation, great storage, minimal excavation and wonderful views and outlooks.

So whether your block slopes downhill, uphill, or sideways, Montgomery Homes has a tried and tested architectural split level home designs to maximise the value of your new home.

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