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7 Kids Room Ideas To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving into a new home can be a big change - especially for little ones, curious kids, and growing teenagers. They need to re-establish their personality and independence in their new home, or they need to feel safe within their new walls.

One of the most effective ways to make children and teens feel comfortable in their new home is to decorate their rooms with colour schemes, artwork, furniture, and appliances suited to their unique personalities.

In this blog, we share seven kids room ideas to keep your children feeling safe, secure, and themselves in your new Montgomery Home. Read on!


Kids room idea #1. Add lots of fun, inspirational wall art

Featured in the Monaco 1 211 display home at Cameron Grove Estate

Whether your kids are drifting off to sleep or finishing their homework or assignments, wall art can help keep them inspired.

Above, we have one of the kids rooms in our display homes, showing how kids can benefit from a Montgomery Home. With heaps of space for wall art and decorations, your children can express themselves through accessories and canvas art - maybe even their own!

Just stock up on a few picture frames and let them paint their weekends away - they’ll have plenty of unique masterpieces to add to their own bedroom walls.


Kids room idea #2. Spread out a fun, fluffy rug for play time or tummy time

Are your floors missing something? A decorative rug can add both style and comfort to your child’s bedroom, from tots to teens.

There are a wide range of kids rugs out there to choose from. Think shag rugs for babies who are just learning the joys of tummy time, or maps and cityscapes for kids in preschool who are learning about maps and cityscapes. They can spend their afternoons zooming cars around the streets on their rugs - or they can start building their knowledge about the countries of the world.

No matter what theme you’re going for, fluffy rugs can provide opportunities for learning, playtime, tummy time, or even just general decoration.


Kids room idea #3. Add colourful paneling to the walls to celebrate the birth of your new baby

Featured in the Carolina 1 311 display home at Box Hill

Want to add some personality to your child’s room, or maybe your nursery? With Montgomery Homes, you have the option to choose VJ Wall Panels for your child’s walls, giving their room a relaxed country or Hamptons vibe. 

Crafted from Australian Premium Grade High Moisture Resistant MDF, these panels have a groove lining to add detail and character to your son or daughter’s room. 

Cover the entire room or create a fashionable feature wall with Easycraft EasyVJ panelling. With modern timber furniture and boho rugs, stylish pendant lighting, cushions, and curtains, these panels will look incredible in your child’s room. 

Choose pink, baby blue, or soft yellow panelling for your baby’s bedroom or nursery. Neutral colours will make your bub feel safe and warm in their new home.


Kids room idea #4. Pile up the pillows and add a canopy to your girl’s bedroom for a peaceful sleep

Featured in the Avalon 242 display home at Billy's Lookout in Teralba

No matter how old your growing girl is, they can never get enough stuffed animals, pillows, and big, fluffy blankets. For her ultimate comfort, decorate her bedroom with pillows and blankets in matching hues, like pink, white, and grey, or for an edgier look, think black, white, red, and purple. 

Then, to give her room a dreamier atmosphere, add a cute, flowy canopy to her bedframe. Drape soft fabrics and tulle from above for a magical look - you could even hang twinkle lights through the fabric for the kind of bedtime you only read about in fairytales. 


Kids room idea #5. Add trendy artwork and soft lighting for your boy’s room

Featured in the San Tropez display home at Box Hill

Looking for something a little more subtle for your boys? You might consider axing the dreamcatchers and opting for trendy artwork or posters to keep them feeling safe and inspired before bedtime. 

Let them create their own art, or head to the shops and find some monochrome art pieces for their bedroom walls, like messy black and white pieces. Match these white furniture and monochrome details, like bedspreads, pillows, and decorations. 

Soft lighting will serve both boys and girls well - when it comes time for them to have a television, gaming consoles, and streaming services in their room, the soft lights will protect their eyes from too much blue light.


Kids room idea #6. Get creative with fun shelving and toy boxes

If you’ve got a growing toddler running about the place, you might be struggling to keep up with the toys they pull out during the day. We recommend installing some proper shelving for their books and toys, or organising a creative way for your little one to learn how to pack their toys away themselves.

For example, you might choose a multi-purpose toy box, like the one pictured above. Your toddler can put their stuffed teddies and toys in the wheeled toy box by day, and then pack all their toys away by night.

Alternatively, you might choose some wall shelves to keep toddlers from pulling their toys down by night. The cloud shaped shelves before may be small, but they look great against  VJ EasyCraft panelled walls, or block coloured walls in pink, blue, or yellow.


Kids room idea #7. Add a fun shaped bed for your toddler - safe and comfortable

Featured in the San Tropez display home at Box Hill

For parents looking for a safe and adorable bedding option for your child, you might consider some alternative bed frames like the ever-popular “teepee” style bed. Low-to-the-ground and super comfortable, teepee beds are the perfect for transitioning your toddler from the cot to the bed.

Alternatively, a four poster timber bed looks incredible against our VJ EasyCraft panelled walls (pictured above) for a more rustic look. Aim for a double bed so your little one has plenty of space to spread out and rest easy.


Make your new house feel like a home with these adorable kids room ideas

Moving house can be a shock for your little ones - but it doesn’t need to be! All you need to do is decorate the space before moving in and add-in all their favourite pillows, blankets, and stuffed toys - or, get them excited by letting them create their own artwork for the walls (on canvas, of course).

Building a new home can be exciting for everyone!

Looking for more styling inspiration? Check out our Inspiration Gallery to draw ideas curated by our in-house design team or get in touch with us today.

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