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Wednesday, April 15, 2020


When researching land to purchase, the thought of building on a sloping block at first might seem complicated.

However, building on a sloping site doesn’t need to be stressful and you certainly don’t need to compromise on building the home you’ve always dreamed about. Split level house designs are the perfect solution for sloping blocks as they are designed to follow the natural slope of the land, resulting in a stunning, architectural split level home that is both unique and spacious.

Want to hear more benefits of building a split level home design? Read on. In this blog, we share four undeniable reasons a split level home design is the best option for your block.

1. You won't have to compromise on your dream home

Building on a sloping block is much more achievable than you might think. Split level homes are designed to follow the slope of the land to a tee, meaning you’ll end up with a more unique and architectural looking home. There’s no need to abandon your dreams of entertaining friends in large open-plan spaces, enjoying multiple living areas, or cooking up a storm in a kitchen with great views.
You can have all of this - and more - with a split level home design.

2. Sloping blocks cost less (meaning you'll have more cash to spend on perfecting your home design)

On average, sloping blocks are cheaper than standard flat blocks. This comes down to demand for level building sites and the ease of building on a level surface.

While there might be a little more work involved with a sloping site (e.g. excavation and additional piering), the reduced cost of the land means you’ll have more money to spend on all the items on your home design wishlist!

Think luxurious finishes such as square set ceilings, a butler's pantry, or increasing floor space in key entertaining areas like your grand kitchen and alfresco. You can make a split level home design your own and enjoy life's little luxuries with money saved on your block of land.

3. Your interior design will be more interesting with separate levels

Another benefit of choosing a split level house design: the interior design will be far more unique, spacious, and multi-levelled than a regular level home design .

To accommodate the sloping land beneath the house, there will be multiple levels for your family to enjoy. From the open flow of the kitchen and living areas, to spreading out the bedrooms across two or three levels, your home will feel more spacious, and in turn will give your home a larger, more luxurious feel.


4. You'll likely have incredible views from your block

One of the best things about a sloping block is the view.

No matter your location, you have a higher vantage point than most of the other houses in your neighbourhood, and depending on your location, you might be able to see your town stretch on for miles, gaze out over a forest of trees and greenery, or even catch a glimpse of the ocean.

With a split level home design, you’ll have the benefits of an attractive architecturally designed home, but you’ll also be able to maintain the incredible views from your hillside block.


With a sloping block, you don't have to compromise on your dream home.

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