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4 Gorgeous Rumpus Room Ideas

rumpus room with panelled decorative walls

4 gorgeous rumpus room ideas for your home design

The humble home is all about togetherness, but every now and then it’s nice to have some time alone! That’s where the rumpus room comes into play — traditionally, rumpus rooms have been a place where the kids can hang out, but now the rumpus room can be a personal haven for everyone in the family.

Here, you might find a television, a study nook, books, kids toys, board games and gaming consoles, as well as lots of cosy cushions and throw blankets. It’s a multi-purpose space where you can sit back, relax and enjoy some quiet time alone.

Our home designs come with spacious rumpus rooms for you to enjoy. We’ll provide the rumpus room… all you need to do is make it your own! 

In this article, we share four rumpus room ideas to decorate the space and make it the perfect hideaway for every member of the family.

#1. Decorate with unique wall art and accessories

The last thing you want in your rumpus room is bare walls! This space should feel cosy and warm from the minute you walk through the door, so why not add some character with unique wall art? 

In our Brighton display home (pictured above), we’ve decorated the walls with wicker wall art for a sense of warmth and style. Matched with a small timber coffee table, the space exudes simple luxuries.

In our Bondi display home, however, we’ve hung contemporary matching paintings above the couch for a more minimalist feel. 

Of course, nick nacks and decorations are always welcome in the rumpus room. Take the colouring of the walls and carpet into consideration, then accessorise with picture frames, candles, indoor plants and more.

#2. Play with contrasting colours for a sense of grandeur

For some more modern rumpus room ideas, consider playing with contrasting colours. Think cushions, footstools, wall art, furniture and throw blankets.

As you can see in our Riviera display home’s rumpus room (pictured above), black and white is always a stunning mix, but again, take the colour of the flooring and walls into account before shopping for decor. 

For example, you might choose to mix navy blue and soft greys, emerald green with silver and white, or rich colours like crimson and cream.

In our Coolum 266 display home, we’ve mixed a range of deep grey and silver hues with white for a clean, contemporary look. It’s bright, it’s comforting and with a large window, there’s ample natural light for activities like reading or entertaining.

#3. Add some life to the room with indoor plants

Indoor plants have more benefits than you think. While they can add colour and life to any indoor space, they also have psychological benefits, too! Being around plants helps people feel more relaxed and can even help with concentration, improving your memory and attention span by around 20%

In our Noosa display home (pictured above), we’ve decorated with leafy indoor plants and succulents to make the space seem fresh and welcoming. Plus, by matching the green hues of the plants, there’s a kind of jungle-esque atmosphere in the rumpus room

In our Southport display home, however, we’ve decorated with paler green plants that are traditionally suited for hanging pots. The leaves can grow to their heart’s content, so over time, there’ll be even more greenery to create a relaxed environment.

So, if you’re looking for a chilled-out space where you can study or read, be sure to add lots of indoor plants and greenery to your rumpus room.

#4. Enhance your comfort with stylish pillows and throw blankets

If it’s teenage rumpus room ideas you’re looking for, then you can’t go wrong with piles of decorative pillows and throw blankets! Most teens are prone to napping and vegging out after school and on the weekends, so if your teen needs a space to relax and unwind, then the rumpus room should be their go-to.

As you can see in our Newport display home (pictured above), we’ve stacked lots of comfortable pillows and blankets for the ideal napping space. Plus, there’s a small television in the room for gaming and catching up on Netflix, so it’s the perfect place to chill out on the weekend.

For mums and dads who need some quiet time during the day, consider combining your rumpus room with a sunroom! When planning your rumpus room layout, consider placing your rumpus room somewhere with large windows or glass doors so you can bask in the sun’s warmth while you sip your morning coffee.

Create a relaxing, isolated space with our stunning rumpus room ideas and designs

Loving the sound of a tranquil rumpus room that everyone can enjoy? At Montgomery Homes, almost all of our home designs come complete with a cosy rumpus room that you can transform into your own little hideaway.

During the design process, we can discuss the placement of your rumpus room (or multiple rumpus rooms) for maximum relaxation and make sure the space feels totally your own from the wall paint to the carpeting. 

Learn more about our designs in our inspiration gallery, or download the home design brochure of your choice for more information about floor plans and inclusions.

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