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Thursday, August 20, 2020


There are lots of advantages to building on a sloping block. For example, you’ll have incredible views of the neighbourhood on one side of the house, the kids will love rolling down the grassy hill in the front or backyard, and the interior of the house will have a unique, light-filled and spacious design.

However, building on a sloping block can also be a challenge.

If you’re currently looking at a challenging block, you might be wondering how you’re going to make your new home build work – you might have some design ideas, but the logistics of building on a slope might seem complicated.

At Montgomery Homes, we’ve developed a reputation for being the sloping site specialists in New South Wales. We know what’s required to build a brand new home on a sloping block – from excavation to drainage, building techniques, and more.

Building on a sloping block doesn’t have to be a challenge. In this blog, we share three ways you can make a sloping block work for your new home build. Read on.


1. Start by choosing an experienced builder  

A lot of home builders prefer to take on blocks that are flat as these are a much more straightforward build. Level blocks are simple to build on and sometimes builders can be inexperienced when it comes to building on sloping blocks.

When inexperienced builders approach a sloping block, they often dig deep into the slope to try and create a level foundation for your new home. This can unfortunately lead to high excavation costs and large, expensive retaining walls, blowing out the final price of the build. These additional site costs are often unnecessary and expensive. Homeowners want the best possible deal on their new home build, so it’s essential to find an experienced home builder who will minimise site costs and build a strong, sturdy home.

At Montgomery Homes, we keep landscaping, handover, and excavation costs to a minimum so we can stick to your budget. Rather than digging deep into the slope, we work with the natural gradient of the land and then use the excess soil to create the underlying foundation for your new home. This minimises excavation costs and reduces the need for expensive retaining walls.

Before committing to a build, make sure to shop around and choose an experienced, reliable builder. Making the right choice at the start of the home building journey can make all the difference to the functionality (and affordability) of your home.


2. Look at home designs specifically for sloping sites 

Home designs for sloping sites are unique and interesting compared to the average home.

Thanks to the slope of the land, your home will have a tiered “step” design inside. If you choose Montgomery Homes as your new home builder, you will have three levels separating entertaining areas, living areas, and bedrooms.

You can also choose to adjust the floor plan - for example, you can move the master bedrooms to the top level (if applicable) or to the back of the house if you need a little more privacy. You can also swap your home theatre or spare bedroom for a gym! The choice, is yours.

While most project builders and architects have fixed home designs, we offer flexible and adjustable floor plans so you can build the home you’ve always dreamed of. After our initial site inspection, we’ll provide recommendations for home designs suited to your block. If you don’t instantly fall in love with the designs we suggest, you have the option to choose from more than 200 home designs.

We’ll adapt our home designs to suit your unique needs, requirements, and design aspirations. We can even alter our level one-storey and two-storey home designs for you!


3. Consider how water will flow and drain on the block

One of the biggest problems with sloping blocks is drainage. In the middle of a storm, rain will run down the slope and without proper drainage measures in place, it can cause flooding and water damage at the base of your home.  

As we mentioned earlier, some builders will cut into the sloping block and make the land appear flat to try and make it will work for your home. However, this can lead to drainage and flooding issues, a restricted backyard, and a steep driveway. See the diagram below.

Montgomery Homes dropped edge beams

We take a different approach to allow for natural drainage on sloping blocks. With less excavation and by following the natural slope of the land, the risk of flooding is reduced dramatically. See how our split level home designs for sloping sites differ from your average builder below.


Montgomery Homes dropped edge beams


We work with the natural slope of the land and introduce “steps” into our designs to reduce drainage issues. We’ve refined this building technique over the last thirty years, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a functional, architectural home design.


Talk to the sloping site specialists about building the home you’ve always wanted 

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