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Hebel Vs Brick: Why We’re Utilising Hebel Wall Panels

Hebel vs brick: Why we’re utilising Hebel wall panels in our new home designs

At Montgomery Homes, we’re committed to building strong, sturdy and cost-efficient homes for our clients, which is why we incorporate Hebel wall panels in our incredible range of facade offerings!

Hebel is a premium building product that offers a full-render look at a fraction of the price. Perfect for soundproofing and acoustics, we offer Hebel alongside our bricks, renders, moroka, and more. You’ll even see it in our Cayman 287 display home in New Lambton!

So, what is Hebel? What is Hebel made from? Is it better than other building materials like bricks? In this article, we compare Hebel vs brick, share the many benefits of the product and explain how and why we utilise Hebel wall panels in your new home build.

What is Hebel cladding?

Hebel is a strong and versatile building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) — a mix of natural, raw materials like cement, lime, water, sand and gypsum. This powder allows the concrete to rise like bread dough, resulting in a Hebel concrete that’s almost 80% air. 

Reinforced with anti-corrosion steel for added strength, Hebel can be used for walls, floors, external cladding and more. It can also be sculpted, carved or cut into the appropriate shape for the task at hand.


Is Hebel cheaper than brick?

home with hebel wall panels

Comparing Hebel and brick prices for a new home build? You might find that Hebel is the cheaper solution. For some perspective, a three-metre Hebel panel is the equivalent of 90 bricks — if you apply this to a 20-square metre home build, the required bricks would cost upwards of $15,000, whereas the Hebel would cost between $9,000 and $11,000. 

Fewer bricks are required for the build, meaning savings will be made with Hebel!

The real question: is Hebel better than brick?

With each and every build, we consider what building materials will deliver the best results. Hebel and brick are staples in the construction industry, and both are strong options for a building project. 

For some time, we have been comparing Hebel vs brick for our new home builds. The results don’t lie — Hebel is more efficient and cost-effective than bricks with a render finish and offers a modern, clean appearance that works well in contemporary architectural home designs.

Other benefits include:

  • Great for soundproofing and acoustic insulation

  • Fire and termite resistant

  • Made from recyclable materials

  • High thermal mass stores and reduces energy usage over time

  • Easy handling and installation due to its lightweight construction

  • Easy to cut for chases and holes for electrical and plumbing lines

  • Economical compared to poured concrete or a traditional rendered finish.

Hebel construction is the superior way to build for a number of reasons, which is why we’re now using Hebel wall panels in home designs like the Cayman 287 with the Manhattan facade in New Lambton!

How we use Hebel panels in your new home build

home with hebel wall panels

Hebel wall panels are high quality, easy to install and more cost-effective than traditional render, which is why we’ve made the switch! The Hebel installation process is very simple: 

  1. First, we apply a protective membrane to the full exterior of your new home build.

  2. Then, we apply steel brackets to the frame, which allows us to glue and screw our Hebel wall panels to the brackets. Afterwards, we apply a finishing Hebel render product.

  3. The next step is to have the painters visit the site to apply the final colours to the exterior of your home design.

  4. Finally, we focus on making the building water-tight. This leads us to the crucial pre-lining stage, i.e. adding insulation, and wall and ceiling coverings. 

Thanks to Hebel, wall construction is quick and easy for our team, meaning we can minimise build time while delivering a sturdy, stylish home!

Our Hebel house facades: the Cayman 287 in New Lambton

the Cayman 287 display home in New Lambton

More and more Montgomery Homes Hebel houses are popping up and the Hebel building material adds a dramatic effect to the look and feel of the designs.

Take our Cayman 287 display home, for example — our builders applied Hebel panels in crisp white, contrasting with the Colorbond Night Sky nail strip cladding above it. The Hebel facade has a simple but striking colour palette, driving home the “Modernist” theme!

Discover the difference of Hebel construction — visit the Cayman 287 display home in New Lambton

Want to see the Hebel difference? Visit this stunning display home in New Lambton! The Cayman 287 was constructed using Hebel walls so that you can wander through the halls, admire the exterior, and get a feeling for the superior build quality. 

Visit the Cayman 287 today!

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