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How To Add Eye-catching Dimension To A Level Home Design

How to add eye-catching dimension to your level home design

Level homes are beautiful and simple to build, but split level home designs set themselves apart with stunning interior designs. Whether the block slopes uphill, downhill or to the side, a split level home design has dimension and depth, featuring multiple levels — even in a single storey home.

But what about homes on level blocks?

If you have purchased a level block of land, you might have some concerns about adding dimension to the space. The floor might seem a little too flat without additional levels and steps — but the good news is that there are lots of creative ways to add dimension to the space!

In this article, we share five suggestions for making your level home design more stylish and eye-catching from the inside out.

#1. Add an alfresco area for a seamless indoor/outdoor living space

If you’re worried about feeling cooped-up in a level home design, consider adding a stunning alfresco area to the back of the house. In our Avoca 210 display home (pictured above), we added a large alfresco area that connects to the dining room — with the addition of large sliding doors, we were able to create a huge indoor/outdoor space that’s perfect for entertaining!

Just add durable outdoor furniture and a barbeque for those warm summer nights, or open up the doors and allow a cool breeze to flow through your home.

#2. Play with different shapes, textures and colours in the facade

If it’s the facade you’re worried about, consider getting a little creative with the design — a modern facade doesn’t have to be traditional bricks and a lick of paint. Look for a level home design that packs a punch and stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood, like our ever-popular double-storey Cayman 287 (pictured above).

Delivering modern expressionism, crisp lines and a simple contrasting colour palette, the Cayman 287 facade always leaves a lasting impression. With double feature columns, an enclosed patio and an oversized timber door, this contemporary design plays mix-and-match with both colours and quality materials like Hebel and Colorbond.

Similarly, the single-storey Southport 217 strays from what would be considered a “traditional” Australian design. Standing out from the crowd, the Southport 217 has a raked ceiling that adds some interesting geometry to both the facade and the interior design.

Even the smallest change from the “norm” can make a level home design something truly special. 

#3. Choose a two-storey design

A quick and simple way to add dimension to a level home design is by selecting a double-storey design. Not only does this give you more living and storage space, but a staircase can do a lot for a room’s design — take the Byron 250, for example (pictured above).

While this display home is planted firmly on a level block, the staircase adds an interesting focal point to an otherwise flat space. Curving up around the corner and onto the second floor, the mix of timber stairs and a matt black handrail gives off an almost rustic, industrial feel.

Of course, staircases come in all kinds of designs and materials — but this has to be one of our favourites!

#4. Alternatively, split a single level and add staircases for interesting depth

If your block has a slight slope, you can add dimension with staircases and split levels. Like the Bondi 249 display home pictured above, we can turn a level design into a fascinating split level home with carefully planned digging into the block.

While the Bondi 249 is a single storey design, we were able to add multiple levels and staircases to give the design some extra “oomph”. As you walk through the front door, you’re presented with a beautiful entryway, a large chandelier and a staircase leading up into the heart of the home.

This takes the “level” feeling out of the design!

#5. Make statement lighting the focal point of any room

Statement lighting can add a touch of luxury to any space — even in a level home. A gorgeous chandelier can become the focal point of the room, taking the focus away from the floor and up to the ceiling.

In the Bondi 249, you can see how a chandelier steals the show. In this display home, we chose rattan chandeliers that add an “au naturale” vibe to the space. In the combined kitchen and dining room, the chandeliers draw the eye and create a sense of luxury. 

Where you would normally find bedside table lamps in the master bedroom, we hung rattan pendant lights to add a sense of depth and interest to the room. We mixed the natural texture of the rattan light shade with soft linen bedding, light gossamer curtains and an all pastel colour palette — it’s the perfect space to unwind and drift off to sleep.

Find out how we can add dimension to your level home design today!

Building on a level block doesn’t have to limit your design choices. With Montgomery Homes, you have hundreds of fascinating home designs to choose from — as well as the flexibility to meet your unique sense of style.

To find out more about our level home designs, get in touch with our team! We would be more than happy to discuss your options and ensure we build the dream house you’ve always wanted.

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