Avalon 242 - Teralba
Wednesday, December 18, 2019


The look and feel of your home facade can dramatically impact how you feel once you’re inside it . To help inspire and guide your facade decision making, discover our 7 contemporary house facades and their features below.


1. Hamptons facade 

One of the most desirable home facades on trends at the moment is the soft, soothing finish of the Hamptons look. Defined by a soft white pallet, a mixture of external elements such as cladding, decorative battens and cultured stone, ensures that you always receive a refreshing, welcoming vibe upon arriving home.

Brighton 229 with Hamptons facade, on display at HomeWorld Marsden Park


2. Retro Facade

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, then the Retro facade is for you. This modern facade makes a statement with its minimalistic-inspired skillion roof which can be enjoyed from every angle. Once inside the home, you and your family can reap the benefits of raked ceilings, which provides your home with extra height throughout the foyer and living spaces.  

Southport 217 with Retro facade, on display at HomeWorld Warnervale


3. Grande Facade

True to its name, the Grande facade has an impressive outlook with its majestic textures and its pitched ceiling porch. Coupled with cultured stone and double pillars and you have one striking facade!

Avalon 242 with Grande facade, on display at Billy's Lookout, Teralba.


4. Executive Facade

The Executive facade provides a mixture of interesting elements such as render, moroka, cladding and cultured stone, making it easy to see why this is one of our most popular facade choices.

Riviera 1 262 with Executive facade, on display at HomeWorld Warnervale


5. Cosmo Facade

The traditional look of the Cosmo facade will provide a timeless, traditional look for years to come. The abundance of natural lighting from corner to corner will not only save on energy bills, it’ll also bring in warmth and vitamin D, helping to make your home feel inviting all year round.

Bondi 220 with Cosmo facade, on display at Huntlee, North Rothbury


6. Vogue Facade

Defined by the unique shapes utilised within the textures, material and windows, this architectural facade will no doubt have people stopping as they drive or walk by. If you’re after ultimate street appeal, then the Vogue facade style is for you. 

Brighton 229 with Vogue facade


7. Metro Facade

Perfect for first home buyers, our entry Metro facade is a traditional design that will complement any area your house is being built. 

Avoca 177 with Vogue facade

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